Learning Lab

2019 Feb 15

How/Do You Ask? Practices for Sharing Gender Pronouns in the Classroom

2:00pm to 3:30pm


Bok Center Learning Lab, 50 Church Street Suite 308

As teachers, we want students to feel comfortable enough to express themselves and fully engage in our classrooms, and as students, we want to feel understood, accepted and respected.  Join the Bok Center for an afternoon workshop in which we facilitate a conversation between TFs and undergraduates on practices for introducing gender pronouns in the classroom. With the aim of making gender identities and dynamics more explicit, we’ll discuss why pronouns matter in the classroom, and we’ll generate and explore different techniques for both students and teachers to articulate their...

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2019 May 09

Bok Showcase

3:00pm to 5:00pm


50 Church St. 3rd Floor

Bok Showcase

Join the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning as we showcase projects and innovations across the Harvard teaching community.  Our community of students, scholars, and staff will be sharing what we have done and learned this year, through hands-on...

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Announcing the 2019 Harvard Horizons Scholars

December 20, 2018

Eight scholars have been appointed as 2019 Harvard Horizons Scholars, studying topics from glass sea sponges to musical Esperanto. Harvard Horizons is designed to promote interdisciplinary sharing of PhD students’ big ideas and to teach students how to communicate their research to a non-specialist audience. Over the next several months these eight graduate students will work closely with the Bok Center as part of our support for Professional and Scholarly Communication. Congratulations to the Horizons Scholars!