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For the Future of Learning, Look to… Ancient Egypt

April 30, 2020

At the Bok Center we’re fortunate to be able to partner with a wide array of instructors and courses, from engineering labs to writing seminars. These partnerships take many different forms, but the one constant is the depth of our engagement. We understand that helping an instructor formulate an effective or innovative experience or assignment is only part of our job. We’re also here to help the instructor bring that idea to life, whether that means offering specialized training to Teaching Fellows, a custom-built web resource to house student work, or workshops and hackathons...

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Apply Now: ABLConnect Teaching Innovator Prize

April 28, 2020

Have you used active learning in your classes? If so, ABLConnect wants to know about it!

If you have developed and used an active learning exercise in your class recently, we'd love for you to submit it to the ABLConnect Teaching Innovator Prize, which celebrates Harvard University instructors who develop and use active learning in their classrooms! This year we are especially interested in submissions related to remote learning....

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Students Supporting Student Learning

April 24, 2020

In a typical semester, the Bok Center’s Learning Lab hosts an array of workshops and hackathons on a wide range of skills, including photography, game design, animation, and  infographics.  These workshops help students in Bok-supported courses complete assignments and capstone projects. The Learning Lab Undergraduate Fellows (LLUFs) are central to these efforts, having spent a year or more developing technical skills that they share with their peers.... Read more about Students Supporting Student Learning

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One Month In: How Has Learning Changed?

April 20, 2020

One month ago, Harvard students transitioned to remote learning. Over this time, we have regularly asked the Bok Center’s undergraduate fellows to reflect on their experiences with online courses and with learning in new environments. Last week, we asked students to weigh in on the ways in which learning has changed over the past month. Below, and on this blog, we share reflections from undergraduates who work with the Bok Center’s Learning Lab.... Read more about One Month In: How Has Learning Changed?

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Someone to Teach With

April 17, 2020

On the morning of Tuesday, 10 March, Harvard’s faculty, students, and staff logged on to their email to find unprecedented news from president Larry Bacow: in just under two weeks (including Spring Break), Harvard would move instruction online, with the vast majority of its students off campus and taught remotely through Zoom, Canvas, and other digital means. The university’s sudden move to remote teaching and learning was obviously tremendously disruptive to students, who had to pack their belongings and...

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Lessons from Game Design: 3 Reasons to Add “Turns” to Your Online Class

April 14, 2020

As we are all gaining experience with remote teaching and learning, we are pleased to share a post on lessons from game design. Learning Lab Graduate Fellow Ceci Mancuso reflects on the mechanics that asynchronous online games use to connect players across the globe and what those mechanics can teach us about designing asynchronous experiences for our students.... Read more about Lessons from Game Design: 3 Reasons to Add “Turns” to Your Online Class

2019 Feb 15

How/Do You Ask? Practices for Sharing Gender Pronouns in the Classroom

2:00pm to 3:30pm


Bok Center Learning Lab, 50 Church Street Suite 308

As teachers, we want students to feel comfortable enough to express themselves and fully engage in our classrooms, and as students, we want to feel understood, accepted and respected.  Join the Bok Center for an afternoon workshop in which we facilitate a conversation between TFs and undergraduates on practices for introducing gender pronouns in the classroom. With the aim of making gender identities and dynamics more explicit, we’ll discuss why pronouns matter in the classroom, and we’ll generate and explore different techniques for both students and teachers to articulate their...

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