For Graduate Students

Teaching is intimately connected to your growth as a scholar. From apprenticing for a faculty career to developing your communication skills,
the Bok Center is here to help you succeed.

Fall Teaching Conference

The Bok Center holds a Fall Teaching Conference and Winter Teaching Week each year. These pre-semester conferences offer new Teaching Fellows a chance to prepare for the semester, as well as for more experienced teachers and scholars to continue to develop their skills and to explore areas of interest in teaching and learning.

Bok Seminars

Bok Seminars &
Teaching Certificates

Bok Seminars offer GSAS PhD students the opportunity to explore an area of interest in teaching and learning over multiple sessions. Seminars vary in length and intensity based on their focus areas and goals. GSAS PhD students who are passionate about teaching and want to take a full menu of seminars over time, seek feedback on their teaching, and develop a teaching portfolio may consider one of the Bok Center's two Teaching Certificates.

Professional Communication Program for International Teachers and Scholars

We offer international graduate students, TFs and scholars the opportunity to develop their speaking, teaching and cultural skills for the Harvard environment.

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Class/Video Observations

The Bok Center offers both classroom observation and video consultation services for graduate students who want to learn more about teaching and to become more reflective about their own classroom practice.



The Bok Center encourages all instructors to solicit feedback from their students early and often. With the Bok Center's help, you can find out how your students are faring while there's still time to make adjustments.


Individual Consultations

Bok staff are happy to meet to talk through specific issues of interest to individual teachers, including topics related to classroom practice, communication skills and how teaching factors into the job market.

One-Off Workshops

The Bok Center's staff and fellows routinely offer workshops on an array of topics, ranging from how to plan for the first day of section to how to assemble a teaching portfolio for the job market. We are happy to visit your department, your department's pedagogy course, or work with the teaching staff of individual courses, and can tailor the message and the activities of the workshop to the particular needs of your group.

Professional & Scholarly Communication

What can you learn from teaching, as you think about your goals and your future career? Whether you're considering the academic job market or contemplating a career outside of the university, the skills you develop as a teacher, such as communicating clearly, engaging different audiences, and working on a team, are a crucial part of your professional development. The Bok Center is here to help you find your voice as both a teacher and scholar as you develop professionally.


Join Our Team

With over two dozen staff and more than one hundred undergraduate and graduate student fellows, the Bok Center is building a community of people dedicated to enhancing teaching and learning at Harvard. Don't miss your opportunity to find out how you can contribute to our mission!

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Hit the Ground Running!

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Don’t miss our Hit the Ground Running resource site,which features self-study modules for new TFs on the fundamentals of teaching, as well as modules on equitable and inclusive teaching, responding to student writing, and teaching as an international scholar.