For Departments

In addition to its work with individual instructors, the Bok Center helps departments and programs to convene conversations about their objectives for their students, evolve their curricula to remain in close alignment with their intellectual priorities, and design and deliver professional development for their graduate students.
Curricular Renewal

The Bok Center welcome queries from departments and programs interested in pursuing curricular reform; our Educational Research and Evaluation team can capture how a concentration currently works for students, and our instructional designers can work with faculty to identify shared objectives for students and design courses which are in alignment with those goals.


Pedagogy Fellows

The Bok Center appoints experienced and creative Teaching Fellows and Teaching Assistants as Pedagogy Fellows so that they may focus on enhancing graduate student teacher training by consulting with their peers, advising individual instructors, and creating training programs, workshops, seminars, and other teaching-related projects both within departments and beyond, reaching students across the GSAS.

Exploratory Seminars

Exploratory Seminars offer faculty a focused collaborative space to deliberate the most urgent problems and potentially transformational opportunities in Higher Education. The Faculty Fellows program enables a small number of faculty to focus on interesting and impactful ideas in teaching and learning. The Bok Center provides faculty fellows with the context, human support, and resources to enable them to pursue their projects.

Writing Support

Writing is one of the most powerful tools instructors have for documenting students' cognitive and/or affective change and—perhaps more importantly—for teaching students how to reason and argue their way through a problem. The Bok Center has partnered with the Harvard College Writing program to offer instructors of writing-intensive courses a variety of support.