Media & Design Fellows

Learning Lab staff and Media and Design Fellows in the Learning LabThe Bok Center’s Media & Design Fellows (MDFs) support innovative course development within the FAS, partnering with faculty and staff to design a variety of digital tools, course materials, and assignments for undergraduate courses and departments. The Media & Design program combines the previous Digital Teaching Fellows (DiTF) and Learning Lab Graduate Fellows programs.

Most Design Fellows support a specific department, developing tools and content that are valuable for that department’s courses; other Fellows support a range of related departments and/or General Education courses. Depending on the project, MDFs create digital content, assignments, and resources, develop and support new teaching and learning practices, which frequently involve online tools, and build course materials, including media (text, video, illustrations, animations, websites) and ways for students to interact with these media. Additionally Fellows may offer workshops and other forms of guidance to help students complete new types of course activities.

Design Fellows also have the opportunity to engage with other instructional support units on campus. Fellows may receive mentorship from the Libraries, Museums, and Academic Technology among others, developing expertise in tools or media that are relevant for their disciplines. While previous experience with the relevant tools and technologies is useful for MDFs, applicable disciplinary background and a willingness to learn new media is all that is required in most cases. Bok staff and other mentors will train Fellows.

media and design fellow assisting a student on a laptop during a course hackathonMost MDF appointments span the full academic year, allowing Fellows to develop technical expertise, create activities and resources for an upcoming semester, and support implementation of new activities. Depending on their availability, Fellows could begin their appointments in early summer to prepare materials for Fall courses.

We accept applications from faculty and departments interested in engaging Design Fellows for their courses, as well as from graduate students who would like to serve as Design Fellows. However, priority is given to departments, so interested graduate students are encouraged to reach out to their departmental administrator or DGS to see if they can apply as a departmental MDF. Please contact the Learning Lab at for more information and details on how to apply.