RuQuan Brown's headshot.

RuQuan Brown

Undergraduate Pedagogy Fellow
RuQuan Brown is from Washington, DC, where he fell in love with working for what is just and equitable for all people. After starting his own fashion company... Read more about RuQuan Brown
Claire Adams

Analyzing the Past Using Multimodal Projects

April 1, 2022

As a way of augmenting students' learning in History courses, Media & Design Fellow Claire Adams (PhD candidate in History) developed a series of workshops at the Learning Lab to introduce students to the fundamentals of visual communication and presenting academic findings in digital forms. Designed to work in conjunction with specific course content and the analytical methods that students need to practice, Claire’s scaffolding activities, and the...

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Emma Kay

Emma is a junior concentrating in Earth & Planetary Sciences and Computer Science. Outside of the classroom, Emma enjoys climbing, doing lighting... Read more about Emma Kay
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Caroline Gage

Caroline Gage is a first-year from Arlington, Virginia. Although undecided on concentration, she is interested in learning about the intersection between the... Read more about Caroline Gage
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Joshua Ng


Joshua Ng is a junior at the College studying mechanical engineering. Outside of class, he loves watching YouTube videos, does tech for Harvard...

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