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The Bok Center staff are always delighted to meet you in person to discuss your questions about teaching. We've compiled this knowledge base of ideas and best practices for those moments when all you need is a quick reference to plan your next lesson.

Setting Goals

How should you design the activities and assignments for your curriculum, your course, or your individual class period in order to give students the best chance of achieving the goals you've set for them?

In the Classroom

How can you plan lessons and engage with your students in and out of the classroom in a way that motivates them and helps them appreciate the value of your goals and your assignments?

A photo of people giving feedback on assignments

Assessing students' work and offering them feedback on their learning is one of the most important things an instructor does. How can you make sure that it feels like an opportunity for meaningful conversation, rather than a chore?

Getting Feedback

How can you find out what it is like to be a student in your own course? How can you process feedback constructively? How can you become a reflective practitioner?

Equitable & Inclusive Teaching

Universities have many terms for speaking about their values and the communities they hope to foster: diversity, inclusion, and belonging; justice, equality, and equity. What does it mean to teach in a way that recognizes and respects the values of all students?

Advising and Mentoring

Some of the most important teaching we do happens outside the classroom, in one-on-one and small group advising. How can we do this well?

Teaching and Your Career

What role will teaching play in your career? How can you invest in your professional development, and learn to talk about your teaching in a way that propels you forward in your job—and in your life?

Teaching Remotely

How can you create asynchronous resources and synchronous experiences that give your students a sense that they are learning meaningfully, in community with each other?

Teaching Tools

What kinds of tools and platforms are available to you and your students, and how can you adapt them to achieve your objectives in-person and/or online?

Science of Learning

What do we really know about how students learn, and how do we know it? How can you apply evidence-based pedagogy in your classroom?

Resources Around Campus

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