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Our Bok Publications are designed for instructors at all stages.

Hit the Ground Running: A Handbook for New Teaching Fellows

Our handbook is a great place to start for all of the fundamentals about teaching, whether you have questions about students’ expectations of their Teaching Fellows, how to create an inclusive classroom or how to structure a lesson plan or lead a discussion or lab section. Read it online, or stop by the Bok Center to pick up a hard copy. Copies are distributed at the Fall Teaching Conference and Winter Teaching Week.

Hit the Ground Running

A Glossary of Harvard's Teaching-Related Terms

All universities have their distinctive cultures and bureaucracies related to teaching—their own, sometimes quirky, procedures for everything from allocating teaching assistants to determining the start and end time of class periods. Harvard may be even more unique than other universities, however, in the number and diversity of procedures and acronyms which have sedimented into its “teaching glossary” over the four centuries of its existence. This document is an attempt, necessarily incomplete, to render legible some of these insider terms and, when possible, to explain some of the assumptions behind them.

If you surface an example of "Harvard-ese" not included in this document, please email with a suggestion that we include it!

Harvard Glossary