For Undergraduates

Through the Learning Lab and other initiatives, the Bok Center offers undergraduates the opportunity to participate in designing their own education and transforming the Harvard curriculum. Think of us as "the place where you learn everything else."

Course Hackathons

The Bok Center's Learning Lab frequently hosts evening "hackathons" where the students enrolled in a particular course can gather to work on their projects or assignments while receiving guidance and feedback from their instructors and/or one of the Bok Center's resident experts. This is especially valuable when the project or assignment requires students to learn a skill (whether that be public speaking or 3D printing) which doesn't "fit"as well into the conventional class periods.


As we develop new competencies at the Learning Lab and prepare to offer new hackathons to courses, we often put on small workshops for undergraduates interested in learning one-off skills and technologies. Photography, video editing, and podcasting are just a few of the practical skills which you are welcome to come and practice at the Learning Lab. Workshops are limited and sign up is on a first-come, first served basis; click on the tile above to see a schedule of upcoming events.


The Bok Undergraduate Pedagogy Fellows Program was created with the goal of improving the section experience for both undergraduates and graduate Teaching Fellows. Undergraduate fellows are chosen for their thoughtfulness about what makes a valuable and equitable classroom learning experience. They coordinate sessions for departments, consult with individual teaching fellows, and assist with wider Bok Center programming.

ed portal

Through the Harvard Ed Portal Mentoring Program, Harvard undergraduates can mentor K-12 students one-on-one in creative and expository writing, public speaking, math, science, technology, and the arts; lead curriculum-based clubs; and deliver curriculum to school groups.


Learning Lab Undergraduate Fellows (or LLUFs) collaborate with the Bok Center’s Learning Lab to help Harvard faculty members design and test assignments that utilize innovative modes of communication such as movement, drawing, speaking, and more. LLUFs have the opportunity to explore and become proficient in a broad range of media, many of them digital (e.g. Cinema 4D animation software, Unity game development software, and Final Cut Pro X).


Undergraduate culture and communication consultants are hired and trained by the Professional Communication Program for International Teachers and Scholars to give international graduate students an undergraduate perspective on issues related to teaching and academic life at Harvard. They work as course assistants in Bok courses and seminars to give feedback on both teaching and language skills, and are also available for one-on-one discussion, teaching and language practice.


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With over two dozen staff and more than one hundred undergraduate and graduate student fellows, the Bok Center is building a community of people dedicated to enhancing teaching and learning at Harvard. Don't miss your opportunity to find out how you can contribute to our mission!

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