Media & Design Fellows Program Launches

September 25, 2020
Media and Design Fellow David Forrest works collaboratively with an undergraduate student on some audio equipment.

The Bok Center is excited to announce the launch of a new graduate fellow program, the Media and Design Fellows (MDFs)! As part of the Bok Center’s Learning Lab team, MDFs support innovative course development within the FAS, partnering with faculty and staff to design a variety of digital tools, course materials, and assignments for undergraduate courses and departments.

Across the disciplines, faculty and students are innovating by deploying richer media (3D models, high quality videos, well-designed infographics and illustrations) and richer interactions (online discussion tools, web-based learning interfaces) in their analysis of data and their communication of academic ideas. MDFs partner with faculty to design and prototype activities that deploy these new tools and practices in the classroom and then support students who are presenting their work in these new media with workshops and resources. By locating MDFs in departments or large courses, the program aims to raise the level of multimedia literacy within departments and, in some cases, to tackle projects that are larger in scope than a single semester or even a single fellow’s tenure. While this year’s MDFs have a special call to support remote collaboration and online academic communication, MDFs build evergreen tools and materials with an eye to the future of academic communication.

The Media & Design Fellows program combines the previous Digital Teaching Fellows (DiTF) and Learning Lab Graduate Fellows programs, and as such, draws on the resources of both programs. While they join the Learning Lab, MDFs have the opportunity to engage with other instructional support units on campus. Fellows may receive mentorship from the Libraries, Museums, and Academic Technology among others, developing expertise in tools or media that are relevant for their disciplines.

Meet the 2020-2021 MDF Cohort


Jessica Bardsley, AFVS
Hicham Awad, AFVS
Eleanor Goerss, Committee on Medieval Studies
Eric Nemarich, History
Grace Burgin, OEB
Leah Justin-Jinich, EALC
Patrick McCoy, Celtic Languages and Literatures
Rodrigo del Rio, Romance Languages and Literatures


Vanessa Braganza, Humanities 10
Catey Boyle, History 1206
David Forrest, Gen Ed 1080

Bok Fellows

Phil Fahn-Lai, web development & graphic design
Katie Taronas, teaching with objects & images