International Teachers and Scholars

2020 Jan 22

Winter Teaching Week 2020

9:00am to 5:00pm

Winter Teaching Week is a series of intensive workshops offered during J-Term in conjunction with January@GSAS for graduate student teachers at every stage, from just starting out to looking toward the job market. These workshops feature specialists from the Bok Center and other units at Harvard and span a variety of subject areas, including: teaching fundamentals, public speaking, professional development, and more! Pre-registration is mandatory.  Learn more... Read more about Winter Teaching Week 2020
Bok Award Winners

Teaching Fellows Who Went "Above and Beyond" Recognized with Derek C. Bok Awards

May 8, 2019

5 teaching fellows were honored at our Spring Q Reception for their incredible work teaching undergraduates.  Each Derek C. Bok Award winner was introduced by GSAS Dean Emma Dench, who read the glowing and enthusiastic nominations from professors and students in their respective departments.  Learn more about each winner here and congratulations to all!... Read more about Teaching Fellows Who Went "Above and Beyond" Recognized with Derek C. Bok Awards

Teaching Matters

Call for Participants! Why does teaching matter to you?

April 9, 2019

With the academic year coming to a close, it’s a great time to look back over the year and take stock of not only everything you’ve accomplished, but also everything you’ve learned, especially as a teacher. It’s easy to catalog all of the work done in the classroom, like the lessons planned, lectures delivered, and exams graded, and to have a sense of how your students progressed through the semester. It’s less straightforward to realize how much you have learned from teaching.... Read more about Call for Participants! Why does teaching matter to you?

2019 Apr 10

Harvard Horizons Symposium, 2019

4:30pm to 6:30pm


The Bok Center is proud to partner with GSAS on the Harvard Horizons program.  We support the students in their task of crafting 5-minute versions of their dissertation research, coaching them on storytelling, performance, and multimedia. Come learn from this year’s cohort as they present their work...

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2019 May 09

Bok Showcase

3:00pm to 5:00pm


50 Church St. 3rd Floor

Bok Showcase

Join the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning as we showcase projects and innovations across the Harvard teaching community.  Our community of students, scholars, and staff will be sharing what we have done and learned this year, through hands-on...

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harvard horizons adam

Announcing the 2019 Harvard Horizons Scholars

December 20, 2018

Eight scholars have been appointed as 2019 Harvard Horizons Scholars, studying topics from glass sea sponges to musical Esperanto. Harvard Horizons is designed to promote interdisciplinary sharing of PhD students’ big ideas and to teach students how to communicate their research to a non-specialist audience. Over the next several months these eight graduate students will work closely with the Bok Center as part of our support for Professional and Scholarly Communication. Congratulations to the Horizons Scholars!

2019 Jan 10

Registration Opens for Select Bok Seminars

(All day)

Registration opens for the following Bok Seminars:

Communicating Science

How to Talk to Your Students: Communication in Context

Mentoring: How to Advise (and be Advised)

Foundations of Teaching in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Course Design: From Transparency to Transfer

Please visit the Bok Seminars page for descriptions and registration information.

2019 Jan 25

Bok Happy Hour

4:00pm to 5:00pm


Location: 50 Church St, Room 308
2019 Jan 25

Making Science More Equitable: A Graduate Student Workshop on Race and Gender

2:00pm to 4:00pm


Science Center 302

What impact do race and gender have in the science classroom? In this workshop, designed by Physics graduate students for TFs in STEM disciplines, we interrogate the definitions of race and gender in the US to understand how these categories have shaped the scientific community. Informed by our critical analysis of these definitions, we discuss ways to cultivate supportive learning environments, and what we can do as teaching fellows to make science more equitable, both in the classroom and beyond.


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2019 Jan 25

Take My Course... Please! Lessons from Comedy for Teachers

2:00pm to 4:00pm


Science Center 418d

In this workshop we will explore the relationship between stand up comedy and teaching, and how lessons and dynamics that occur in successful comedy routines could be relevant to the classroom. To be a good comedian, you have to be able to persuade your audience to let you show them a new perspective on things—to welcome a diverse crowd, to establish some shared premises, to think about questions which have never occurred to them before, to see the world as an outsider would, and to wonder why, exactly, we behave in the ways that we do. In some cases, these new perspectives may be simply...

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