Teaching Certificate


The Teaching Certificate offers graduate students and teaching fellows a tangible marker of their ongoing development as teachers in higher education. The Certificate is structured to give participants the opportunity to critically reflect upon their performance as teachers and to actively experiment with various modes of communication in lectures, seminars, labs, and across the academic profession. Through this opportunity to develop their skills as teachers and scholars, Teaching Certificate recipients are required to:

  1. Take at least three Bok Seminars or the equivalent
  2. Teach and work on their teaching practice
  3. Critically reflect on their teaching 

The Certificate and associated Bok Seminars are based on the following focus areas: Pedagogy, Course and Assignment Design, Professional Communication, Language and Culture of the Classroom, Assessment and Reflections on Teaching.

Participants who are actively pursuing a Teaching Certificate should register on our Canvas site to track and record their progress.

If you have questions about the Teaching Certificate or Certificate Requirements, please visit our FAQ page.