Teaching Through Tumultuous Times

January 11, 2021
Student wearing "8 Demands" shirt

In the wake of the attack on the nation’s Capitol last week, President Bacow wrote, “As members of a university community dedicated to truth, learning, research, debate, and service, we condemn ignorance and hatred, and stand in support of the rule of law and the role of knowledge.”

Regardless of your discipline, current events relate in some way to your teaching—whether this means acknowledging the stress of the moment, integrating explicit conversations about politics and democracy into your class, or helping students develop critical skills such as how to debate respectfully or interpret evidence in your field. 

In the fall we put together resources and guidance for instructors on teaching through the 2020 elections. As we approach the inauguration, partisan tensions remain high and this guidance remains relevant. As you prepare for the start of a new semester under challenging circumstances, we hope you find these resources useful.