Teaching Remotely

The leaders of the Pedagogy Fellows program, clockwise: Adam Beaver, Rebecca Miller Brown, Pamela Pollock, Yasemin Kalender

Pedagogy Fellows 2020-21: An Online Community of Practice

July 26, 2021

Teaching is a collaborative act, and the Pedagogy Fellows Program is by definition a community of practice. Every year, approximately 34 experienced and creative graduate students from 28 departments and programs across the FAS come together at the Bok Center to support their peers in their roles as undergraduate teachers by leading pedagogy seminars and workshops, consulting with Teaching Fellows (TFs), and developing resources on teaching and professional development. Over the course of the year, we meet regularly...

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A white circle with a swoopy orange border on a dark blue background, with text that reads "Spring 2021: LPCE 100"

Celebrating a year of creativity and entrepreneurship

June 29, 2021

The Lemann Program on Creativity and Entrepreneurship (LPCE) kicked off with a remarkable inaugural year, guided by the vision of the late Dr. Robert Lue. This new program, which was based at the Bok Center and inspired by Dr. Lue’s passion for making a positive social impact, reached hundreds of students this year.  We are grateful to the many Harvard students who hopped on board our new adventure in learning-and-doing. Our students’ creativity sparked promising venture teams and deepened our growing community. Students applied their ingenuity and academic knowledge to problems...

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Compelling Communication, Remotely

Compelling Communication, Remotely

June 7, 2021

Teaching is an act of scholarly communication, whether you are explaining a concept, giving a lecture, or presenting your research on the Sanders Theatre stage. Whether you are working with a small, familiar group of students or a large public audience, what goals do you have? How can you structure your content, use your visuals and voice to support those goals, and keep the audience engaged in your ideas? Engaged communication is a core component of the Bok Center’s work; over the past year, we translated lessons of engaged communication to the Zoom setting, and adjusted how we coach...

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map of world made up of colored dots

Community Across Continents

June 4, 2021

The Bok Center’s Professional Communication Program for International Teachers and Scholars has always embraced community building as a key part of our work. PhD students are able to develop their communication skills when they learn, practice, and reflect in a supportive community of peers. This is especially true for international PhD students working to develop oral English proficiency, cross-cultural understanding, and teaching skills.

Before the pandemic, students would have participated in-person in...

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Teaching Certificate

Congratulations, Bok Teaching Certificate Recipients!

May 28, 2021

We are excited to recognize and celebrate the 2020-21 Bok Teaching Certificate Recipients.

The Bok Teaching Certificate gives GSAS PhD students a tangible marker of their ongoing commitment to developing as teachers in higher education. Guided by three principles—Learn, Practice, Reflect—those who pursue the Certificate explore different topics in teaching and learning through departmental pedagogy courses and Bok Seminars, reflect on...

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Game pieces sit atop a syllabus design worksheet using game concepts to help build a syllabus.

Exploring Syllabus Design

April 22, 2021

Is there any document that does more, and receives less recognition, than the humble course syllabus? By comparison with the other documents scholars produce—journal articles, dissertations, even letters of recommendation—our syllabi hardly rate; they’re often regarded as ephemeral, purely functional, designed to be read once or twice and then cast aside at the end of the semester. But in fact, the syllabus is so much more than a reference document.... Read more about Exploring Syllabus Design

Grace Burgin

Science through Story: Podcasts in OEB50

April 7, 2021

When OEB50: Genetics and Genomics wrapped in Fall 2019, Professors Robin Hopkins and Dan Hartl, who co-teach the course, decided to incorporate a creative project that would allow students to engage course material in new ways in the next iteration. Little did they know that the next iteration of the course would be on Zoom!

When it came time to design the creative project, Hopkins and Hartl turned to OEB graduate student Grace Burgin, a Media and Design Fellow at the Bok Center’s Learning Lab. ...

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Student leans over to better study a piece of art at the Harvard Art Museums

The Museum is your Classroom--Online

February 10, 2021

The Bok Center has been excited to collaborate with the Harvard Art Museums to bring ideas and strategies for teaching with museum collections to faculty and Teaching Fellows through a series of workshops and, for the first time this spring, a Bok Seminar. What started as an independent session run by Jen Thum (Assistant Director of Academic Engagement and Assistant Research Curator, Harvard...

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