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Fall Teaching Conference 2022: A Template for the Future

Fall Teaching Conference 2022: A Template for the Future

September 8, 2022

Planning a third revamped Fall Teaching Conference in three years, while challenging, really encouraged us to distill all of the lessons learned from previous conferences into what we hope will be the new template for the Fall Teaching Conference going forward. Going online and coming back in-person again prompted us to reflect on our core values, articulate our goals clearly, and reimagine a Fall...

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The Pedagogy Fellows leadership team: Rebecca Brown, Pamela Pollock, Adam Beaver, and Yasemin Kalender.

Pedagogy Fellows 2021-22: Year in Review

June 15, 2022

As we close the books on the academic year, we are taking stock of what we’ve learned, and planning for the coming year. Our programs always strive to reflect the current moment, as we adjust to the needs of each year of teaching. 2021–22 was the year of being “back again” on campus, of teaching with masks, and of getting used to being together in the classroom again. Perhaps none of the Bok Center’s programs felt more responsive to these new circumstances than the Pedagogy Fellows. Each year, approximately 34...

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Teaching Certificate

Congratulations to the 2021-22 Bok Teaching Certificate Recipients!

April 29, 2022

The Bok Teaching Certificate gives GSAS PhD students a tangible marker of their ongoing commitment to developing as teachers in higher education. Guided by three principles—Learn, Practice, Reflect—those who pursue the Certificate explore different topics in teaching and learning through departmental pedagogy courses and Bok Seminars, reflect on their own teaching practice, and compile a portfolio of written materials documenting their experience. We offer a tailored approach for students; no two students follow...

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Pedagogy Fellows write on post it notes

Join the Bok Center as a Pedagogy Fellow

February 22, 2022

PhD students with teaching experience and a passion for teaching and learning are invited to apply for the 2022-2023 cohort of Pedagogy Fellows! Positions are available for Pedagogy Fellows based either in Departments or at the Bok Center. Applications are due by 5:00pm EST, Friday, February 25, 2022.

Pedagogy Fellows (PFs) enhance professional development for Teaching Fellows within their departments and across the FAS. With the Bok...

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Sarah Lipson

Teaching and Mental Health

February 11, 2022

Faculty and Teaching Fellows often are in an excellent position to identify students and colleagues who are struggling, and to refer them to the right person or department for help. And yet, at the same time, many instructors understandably report that they feel uncomfortable and/or unprepared in reaching out to a student or colleague in distress. After all, most of us are trained to be teachers and scholars, not mental health professionals.

Recognizing this challenge, the Bok Center recently collaborated with...

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Winter Teaching Week 2022

Back (on Zoom) Again: Winter Teaching Week 2022

January 25, 2022

After a Fall semester full of reconnecting with colleagues, friends, students, and instructors in person and teaching and learning on campus, we were excited to plan our Winter Teaching Week to be an opportunity for graduate student teachers to refresh their teaching and get new ideas before the spring term. We especially were looking forward to hosting our revamped programming at our Bok Center offices, building upon our successful return to in-person teaching in the Fall. But COVID was...

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From Zoom Rooms to Classrooms: A Hybrid Fall Teaching Conference

From Zoom Rooms to Classrooms: A Hybrid Fall Teaching Conference

September 3, 2021

Planning the Fall Teaching Conference this summer felt like building an airplane while flying it: we knew we would be teaching in person, but the continually changing circumstances required us, like all instructors teaching this fall, to be intentional yet flexible in our planning. We had so many questions to consider: How should we prepare graduate student TFs to teach in physical classrooms? How could we most effectively apply the lessons we learned from our fully online conference in 2020 to this new “hybrid” moment of transition? How could we meet the needs of both new and experienced TFs facing another unprecedented semester?

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The leaders of the Pedagogy Fellows program, clockwise: Adam Beaver, Rebecca Miller Brown, Pamela Pollock, Yasemin Kalender

Pedagogy Fellows 2020-21: An Online Community of Practice

July 26, 2021

Teaching is a collaborative act, and the Pedagogy Fellows Program is by definition a community of practice. Every year, approximately 34 experienced and creative graduate students from 28 departments and programs across the FAS come together at the Bok Center to support their peers in their roles as undergraduate teachers by leading pedagogy seminars and workshops, consulting with Teaching Fellows (TFs), and developing resources on teaching and professional development. Over the course of the year, we meet regularly...

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Game pieces sit atop a syllabus design worksheet using game concepts to help build a syllabus.

Exploring Syllabus Design

April 22, 2021

Is there any document that does more, and receives less recognition, than the humble course syllabus? By comparison with the other documents scholars produce—journal articles, dissertations, even letters of recommendation—our syllabi hardly rate; they’re often regarded as ephemeral, purely functional, designed to be read once or twice and then cast aside at the end of the semester. But in fact, the syllabus is so much more than a reference document.... Read more about Exploring Syllabus Design

Student leans over to better study a piece of art at the Harvard Art Museums

The Museum is your Classroom--Online

February 10, 2021

The Bok Center has been excited to collaborate with the Harvard Art Museums to bring ideas and strategies for teaching with museum collections to faculty and Teaching Fellows through a series of workshops and, for the first time this spring, a Bok Seminar. What started as an independent session run by Jen Thum (Assistant Director of Academic Engagement and Assistant Research Curator, Harvard...

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