Lessons from Game Design: 3 Reasons to Add “Turns” to Your Online Class

April 14, 2020
looking down at a table with game design books and documents and game pieces

As we are all gaining experience with remote teaching and learning, we are pleased to share a post on lessons from game design. Learning Lab Graduate Fellow Ceci Mancuso reflects on the mechanics that asynchronous online games use to connect players across the globe and what those mechanics can teach us about designing asynchronous experiences for our students. 

As a Fellow this year at the Learning Lab, Ceci has focused on 3D modeling, virtual reality, and game design. As a humanist focused on contemporary science fiction and transmedia storytelling, Ceci uses these mediums to develop and design immersive pedagogical experiences and to create resources for digital humanities projects. Ceci also led a Bok Seminar on game design (Let’s Play! What Games Can Teach Us About Motivation and Engagement) this semester that held its last meeting online. These reflections are a product of that seminar and of ongoing efforts by Ceci and other Learning Lab Fellows to adapt the insights from game design to our new online classroom environments.

Lessons from Game Design