Learning Lab Feature - TDM 169L: Immersive Storytelling Using Mixed Media

November 27, 2018
Young Joo Lee

The capstone project for Young Joo Lee's TDM 169L course utilized software for video game design and 3D modeling. The Learning Lab developed and facilitated workshops for students on how to effectively use the software and set up a virtual reality headset that students could use while creating and testing their designs.

This course is a seminar and studio class about storytelling using mixed media. Students examined different ways in which artists use visual language to tell stories. For their final projects, students were tasked with utilizing video, performance, drawing, sound, text and virtual reality, to reflect on the discussions in the class.

Students had a variety of experience levels using software for video game design (Unity) and 3D modeling (Blender), the programs they would be using for their final projects. Learning Lab director Marlon Kuzmick developed and led workshops on both pieces of software over two classes. Additionally, the Learning Lab worked with Professor Young Joo Lee and media staff in TDM to install an Oculus Rift (a virtual reality headset) and dedicated computer where students could create and test their immersive 3D designs. After the initial workshops, the class met at the Learning Lab twice more for additional support from LL staff and to develop their projects with the Oculus Rift.

At the end of the course, the Learning Lab hosted a capstone event where students presented their final projects using the Oculus Rift and multiple television screen displays.