Support for General Education

Recognizing that courses in the new General Education curriculum that debuted in Fall 2019 often benefit from specialized instructional design and/or logistical support, the Bok Center has created a General Education team dedicated to providing the Program's instructors:

  • highly tailored, one-on-one consultations on course design;
  • collaborative, community-building Course Design Institutes funded by the Davis Educational Foundation; and
  • "in-flight" support for faculty and Teaching Fellows in the form of workshops, class observations, guest facilitation of activities, and opportunities to use the Bok Center's space and resources to host course-related events.

Partners in Course Design & Delivery

Bespoke design consultations

Faculty who have been approved to teach in the new Gen Ed are warmly invited to dock with the Bok Center either to revise their existing course materials or to build out their new proposal into a full syllabus. As you consider the committee’s feedback, develop your materials, onboard your teaching staff, and get the semester underway, our team would be happy to help you with some—or all—of the following :

  • Defining and articulating your course goals
  • Identifying the resources available to you
  • Designing an assignment
  • Designing your syllabus
  • Teaching with technology (Canvas, Multimedia, Timelines, .... )
  • Developing a research/writing guide
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Course Design Institutes

Gen Ed InstitutesBeginning in Spring 2019, the Bok Center is bringing together small groups of faculty participate in multi-day course design institutes, focusing on general elements of assignment and syllabus design as well as elements of particular relevance courses in Gen Ed. These institutes will feature workshops led by the Bok Center’s Assistant Director for Writing Pedagogy, as well as one-on-one attention from preceptors currently teaching in Harvard’s first-year Expository Writing program.

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Comprehensive In-Flight Support

The Bok Center looks forward to working with faculty and graduate students as they deliver their courses, whether by offering professional development opportunities such as special workshops and/or class observations, or by providing the people and the facilities with which to implement a special activity or assignment. Our team would be happy to help you with some—or all—of the following :

  • Planning your use of in-class time
  • Training and supporting your TFs
  • Hosting hackathons and other course-related events
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Faculty Testimonials

  • Stephen Greenblatt
  • Kathleen Coleman
  • Maya Jasanoff

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