Undergraduate Research

The opportunity to conduct authentic research under the supervision of a faculty mentor can be one of the most meaningful components of an undergraduate education. Below please find a directory of undergraduate research opportunities compiled by one of the Bok Center's graduate fellows, which may serve as a supplement to Harvard College's resources on undergraduate research.

Arts & Humanities

Comparative Literature Professors only occasionally request research assistants. Opportunities are posted to a departmental mailing list.
East Asian Studies All opportunities are shared through the department newsletter, to which undergraduate students can subscribe. Contact eas@fas.harvard.edu.
English Website Opportunities are posted to a concentrator mailing list.

Social Sciences

Social Sciences (general) Website
Anthropology Website
Economics Website
Government Website
History Website Additionally, the Imperiia Digital Mapping Project hires many undergraduate RAs (particular preference for those who speak Russian).  Contact duncansmith@fas.harvard.edu for more information about how to apply.
Psychology Website
Sociology Website
Studies of Women, Gender, & Sexuality Professor Caroline Light frequently hires undergraduate researchers through the BLISS program, some of whom have gone on to be her regular RAs during the semester.


Science & SEAS

Astrophysics Website
Chemical and Physical Biology Website
Computer Science Website
Earth and Planetary Science Website
Engineering Website
Science Division (general) Website
Math Website
Molecular and Cellular Biology Website
Neuroscience Website

1) Professor Susan Murphy's Statistical Reinforcement Learning Lab (There are several undergraduates in this lab.)

2) An astrostatistics lab that regularly meets under course Stat 310. This lab is led by Professor Xiao-Li Meng.  Undergrads are welcome.

3) The Statistics department recently started offering statistical consulting for the Harvard community. This is a free, drop-in service that Harvard undergraduate and graduate students can come to and ask statistics PhD students questions about research.