Teaching Matters

What can you learn from teaching, as you think about your goals and your future career? Whether you're considering the academic job market or contemplating a career outside of the university, the skills you develop as a teacher, such as communicating clearly, engaging different audiences, and working on a team, are a crucial part of your professional development. The Bok Center is here to help you find your voice as both a teacher and scholar as you develop professionally.

Have you ever stopped to consider all of the ways in which teaching is so important, not just for students, but for teachers? We interviewed faculty, graduate students, and recent PhDs about the impacts of teaching on them, their students, and the broader community. Hear their thoughts and be inspired to reflect on what you can learn from teaching and why it is important to you.


Teaching & Research 

While teaching and research may seem like separate activities, they are really two sides of the same coin; the skills you learn in each domain will help you with the other. Hear from faculty and graduate students on the relationship between their teaching and their research and get inspired: how can your work in each domain support the other?

Professional Development Resources

Bok Guides

Bok Guides are a great starting point for instructors on a range of topics, including getting feedback, discussion leading, and public speaking.

Job market guidance. Whether you’re on the academic job market or preparing for positions outside of academia, reflecting on your teaching experience can be useful not only as a way of preparing for a job interview, but also as a way of clarifying for yourself the kind of teacher-scholar that you want to be.