Individual Consultations

two people talking at a table with a laptop openBok Center staff are available to consult with PhD students on a full range of topics in teaching and learning.

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Teaching and the Job Market

Classroom practice. We are happy to meet with you about specific situations that arise in your class, whether you would like to learn more about lesson planning, discussion leading, classroom dynamics, or to discuss particular challenges that go beyond the advice we offer at the Fall Teaching Conference and Winter Teaching Week, in our Hit the Ground Running handbook, and in our Bok Seminars.

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Early feedback. We encourage all instructors to solicit feedback from their students early or mid-way through the term. We are happy to meet with you either to design an appropriate feedback mechanism or to interpret the results you receive.

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Communication skills. If you are interested in working on your communication or language for teaching, we have Bok Seminars designed to help you practice and get feedback on these skills.

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Teaching and the job market. If you are a job candidate and would like feedback on your teaching statement and/or teaching portfolio, we encourage you to take our Bok Seminar on "Teaching and the Job Market" (offered every summer and fall) and to read our online resources about teaching statements and teaching portfolios.

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