Fall Teaching Conference Workshop: Teaching in Labs: Models for Setting Goals and Prioritizing Time and Material


Thursday, August 26, 2021, 12:30pm to 1:30pm


Sever Hall

Yasemin Kalender, Assistant Director, Science Pedagogy, Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning

Leading laboratory sections can often be one of the most fun and rewarding ways to teach and engage with students. This session is designed to prepare you to lead laboratory sections with confidence. How can you ensure that each student feels at home in the lab? How do you use the lab space and time to maximize student learning? How should you organize your pre-lab talk to the students, and should you save certain tips for later? Should you emphasize the students’ understanding of the lab process, or their experimental outcomes? In this session, we will discuss some tips to help you feel prepared to lead lab sections to maximize student engagement and learning.

This session is part of the Fall Teaching Conference, which is designed to prepare new and experienced graduate student teachers for their roles as Teaching Fellows in the FAS. Pre-registration is required. Learn more here.