Bok Seminar - Foundations of Teaching in the Humanities and Social Sciences


Thursday, February 24, 2022, 1:30pm to 3:30pm


125 Mt. Auburn St. Room 307

Led by Rebecca Miller Brown

Instructors in the humanities and social sciences are not simply teaching the content or methodologies of their fields; they are charged with teaching students to become critical thinkers and readers, thoughtful discussion participants, and strong academic writers. As a scholar in your discipline, these skills may seem intuitively related, but how do you design your sections so that students understand the connections? How can you articulate your priorities and make sure students know what is expected of them and why? This seminar is designed to encourage new and early-career TFs to 1) think about your goals for teaching in your field, 2) explore approaches for creating intentional lesson plans and assignments, and 3) practice strategies to support students as they learn how to read, discuss, and write in your discipline.

This is the first session of a 6-week seminar. Registration required.

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