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Bok Programming in 2016

Bok Seminars 

Each Bok Seminar offers graduate students and scholars the opportunity to explore an area of interest in teaching and learning over multiple sessions. Seminars vary in length and intensity based on their focus areas and goals. They range from 6 sessions to full semester offerings. Seminars are offered in the focus areas represented in the Bok Center Teaching Certificate. The seminar schedule for Spring 2016 is now available.

Also check out our new Intercultural Communication Workshop Series and other offerings in the Professional Communication Program for International Teachers and Scholars. 

New Bok Office

The Bok Center has opened a second office on the 3rd floor of 125 Mt. Auburn Street.  Assessment, the Program for International Teaching Fellows, and affiliated administrative staff have moved to this satellite office.  Check our People page for more information.

Department Teaching Fellow Tips
Departmental Teaching Fellow Mike Heller (Music) offers a few tips and tricks for getting the most out of multimedia assignments with your class.

Upcoming Events