Pedagogy Fellows

The Pedagogy Fellows Program is a professional development opportunity for experienced and creative graduate student teachers to collaborate with faculty, administration, and the Bok Center’s senior staff to enhance teaching in their disciplines and in the FAS more broadly.

  • Life Science Outreach

    Expanding the reach of science education

    Bok Pedagogy Fellows Mara Laslo (pictured) and Mariel Young bring innovative Life Sciences Outreach to the community

  • Fall Teaching Conference

    Getting a running start to the semester

    Pedagogy Fellows like Farah Qureshi are instrumental in facilitating Bok's Fall Teaching Conference and Winter Teaching Week

  • Kyle Shernuk

    Creating cultures of peer feedback in departments

    Department-based fellows like Kyle Shernuk (EALC) convene their peers in discussions of effective teaching

  • Cohort of Pedagogy Fellows stand together in a circle during a workshop.

    Building a Teaching Community

    Pedagogy Fellows share their experiences in the program and its impact on their own teaching


Pedagogy Fellows’ key duties include consulting with TFs, leading pedagogy seminars and workshops, and developing resources on teaching and professional development. Fellows gain the opportunity to grow in their own careers as teachers and scholars, and become more reflective about their disciplinary values and the ways in which they communicate with colleagues and students.

Pedagogy Fellows (PFs) are primarily responsible for developing and teaching their department’s pedagogy course, and for departments with no course, to work on developing one and/or otherwise supporting TF training in their home department or program. The Bok Center’s training prepares PFs to serve as liaisons between the Bok Center and their department/program, providing pedagogical support and guidance on topics related to teaching and professional development for graduate students.

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Bok Pedagogy Fellows (BPFs) may contribute to a variety of projects and initiatives at the Bok Center, including supporting TFs in General Education courses, teaching Bok Seminars, staffing the Bok Center’s core programming for graduate students, developing resources on topics such as inclusive teaching, and other special projects as determined by Fellows’ interests.

Consult the full job description
Meet the current fellows
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