Hotter Than Hot: The Fall Teaching Conference Kicks Off a New School Year

September 5, 2018

The 2018 Fall Teaching Conference may have ended, but another year of Bok programming has just begun!

The Bok Center hosted the annual Fall Teaching Conference this 29–30 August. Both days were packed with exciting discussions of everything from the experiences and expectations of Harvard undergraduates to how best to assemble teaching materials into a portfolio for the job market. At the heart of the conference were the fundamentals tracks on Day 1, which oriented nearly 200 new teaching fellows to the challenges and opportunities which come with the terrain of the Harvard classroom, as well as blockbuster sessions for all teaching fellows on Day 2 focused on power and privilege in the classroom and techniques for effective discussion leading. We were as always delighted to welcome the participation of many Bok partners from General Education, the Harvard Libraries, Student Affairs, and Academic Technology.  

Not to be outdone by the record-setting temperatures outside Sever Hall, this year’s conference set some records of its own.  There was a 40% increase in attendance among humanities and social science teaching fellows, and several sessions drew so many students that they had to be moved into a large lecture hall. For those of you who would like to review any of the materials circulated at the Conference, our presenters have been generous enough to deposit their slides and handouts here.

We invite everyone to continue the conversations we started at the conference into the academic year, whether by enrolling in one of our Bok Seminars, pursuing one of our Teaching Certificates, having your class observed or videotaped, coming in for a consultation about your student feedback or teaching materials, or applying to one of our many fellowship opportunities. There are many ways to join the Bok community—don’t miss the opportunity!