Professional & Scholarly Communication

Skills in professional and scholarly communication are more essential than ever, whether you're networking with your colleagues, talking to undergraduates about your research, considering the academic job market or contemplating a career outside of the university. No matter who your audience may be, the Bok Center is here to help you at every stage of this process. From programs for new graduate students to those at the dissertation stage preparing to present their work at the Harvard Horizons symposium, we can help you find your voice as both a teacher and scholar.

Bok Seminars and Workshops

We offer a range Bok Seminars on issues related to professional communication and self presentation, including Public Speaking, Teaching as Storytelling, and the Theater of the Classroom. For international students we also have a designated Professional Communication Program for International Teachers and Scholars. We’re also able to tailor a workshop for your department or a specific group on topics such as Public Speaking or Communicating your Research.

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Harvard Horizons

The Bok Center supports the mentoring component of the GSAS Harvard Horizons program. Harvard Horizons is designed to promote interdisciplinary sharing of PhD students’ big ideas, and to teach students how to communicate their research to a non-specialist audience. Much of the Bok Center’s programming around professional and scholarly communication is based on the work we have done in coaching Harvard Horizons scholars to develop the most compelling ways to communicate their ideas.

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Learning Lab Support for Speaking Assignments

In addition to offering workshops on these topics, Bok staff are also available to help instructors think about how to develop assignments around speaking and different media, as well as how to support students in building their speaking skills.

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English Language Program

The English Language Program (ELP) is a residential cultural immersion program offered every August for incoming international graduate students. Run by the the Professional Communication Program for International Teachers & Scholars at the Bok Center for Teaching and Learning and GSAS, ELP is designed to introduce students to life at Harvard and help them activate their English language and communication skills. The program incorporates professional communication, an introduction to the cultural features of the American classroom, and community-building activities, with the ultimate goal of preparation for success in the Harvard academic and social environment.

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