Making a Course Presentation Video

Many instructors have found that posting a brief video on their Canvas site in which they introduce themselves and their course helps students make informed decisions about the courses they wish to shop. Though it's become common to refer to these as course "trailers," we prefer to think of them as "presentation videos;" the point of such a video, after all, is not to dazzle students with special effects, but to give them an authentic sense of who you are and what kinds of experiences they'll have day-to-day if they choose to enroll in your course. The Bok Center would be happy to work with you to think about how to tell the story of your course if you wish.


For instructors wondering where to begin, here's a guide to developing a script for your video.


  • Academic Technology recommends filming your video in Panopto to ensure the highest quality. To learn how to record your video using Panopto directly in Canvas, consult the following guide: Panopto Course Introduction How-To
  • MTS has developed this resource of best practices for looking and sounding your best on a webcam.
  • Need technical support? If you have any trouble filming your course presentation video, you can get the help of a remote technician by emailing

Tips for Advanced Users

If you are interested in learning how to incorporate additional media assets from other sources into your video, please consult the following guides: