We moved!

January 12, 2018
moving trucks

The Bok Center's Learning Lab and other Science Center staff have moved to 50 Church Street, 3rd floor. Come visit us here!

We ask that all members of the Bok community pay close attention to the locations listed for programs in the upcoming semester.  We will be using space at the Science Center, 50 Church Street and 125 Mount Auburn Street.

How do I get to the Bok Offices at 50 Church Street?
Enter through the doors to the left of Dado Tea.  Walk up the ramp to the elevator and go to the 3rd floor.  Exit the elevator to the left, pass through the atrium, and enter the Bok office on your right.

Who will be at 50 Church Street?
The following Bok staff are now located at 50 Church Street: Adam Beaver, Lauren Davidson, Katie Gilligan, Sarah Jessop, Jonah Johnson, Marlon Kuzmick, Noelle Lopez, Marty Samuels, Mara Sidmore, Mike Oliveri, Sadikshya Nepal, Ashleane Alabre, and Casey Cann