Class Observations

Helping instructors gather and interpret feedback on their teaching is one of the most important ways the Bok Center serves individual teachers at Harvard. Having your class observed by one of our experienced consultants gives instructors another perspective on their teaching that can help them situate student feedback within a broader context.  Class obervations are a powerful tool for instructors at every level of experience to reflect on their practice, see what they already do well, and consider the ways in which they wish to grow and develop. 

Why Do an In-Person Class Observation?

Though the Bok Center generally advises video consultations over in-person observations, sometimes videotaping isn't ideal. In small classes, for example, a camera might be more intrusive than an extra body, while in labs, studios and other activity-based classes, following the teacher around the room with a camera might not be all that practical (although videotaping these types of classes is certainly possible).

You can have one of our experienced Bok Center staff visit your class and chat with you afterwards, confidentially, in order for you to gain insight into how your teaching is perceived by an objective observer.

Request an in-person class observation