Head TF Resources

The role of Head Teaching Fellow in a larger lecture course can be one of the most rewarding ways for an early-career teacher (i.e. a graduate student) to see how a more experienced instructor (i.e. a faculty coursehead) creates and curates an environment, a set of materials, and a teaching team up close. It can also be a very demanding job, as Head TFs often are called upon to make policy decisions, improvise logistics, and referee differences of opinion among their peers and students alike. The Bok Center is happy to meet with Head TFs about any aspect of course design, classroom practice, teaching staff relationships, or anything else that may come up over the course of a term.

Pre-Term Planner

As a Head TF, it's especially important that you be on the same page as your coursehead with regard to how you will share duties with him/her—as well as among your fellow TFs. Who will update the Canvas site? Draft each problem set? Write the midterm? We suggest using our pre-term planner as a way to start the conversation within your teaching staff.

Download our pre-term planner