Graduate Fellow Programs

Bok Writing Fellows
An initiative of the Harvard Writing Project, the Writing Center, and the Bok Center for Learning and Teaching, the Bok Writing Fellows (BWF) Program appoints advanced graduate students to serve as in-house writing tutors for concentrators in departments. Responding to a perceived gap in the College’s support for undergraduate student writers, the BWF program aims to provide discipline-specific writing tutorial services to concentrators, services not currently available through the Writing Center or the house tutor program.

The primary responsibility of the BWF is to hold weekly office hours and appointments to consult with students on the articulation, organization, and presentation of writing assignments for courses offered in the department. Typically the services of the BWF are especially valuable for students in sophomore and junior tutorials who are working to master unfamiliar disciplinary writing conventions. Aside from holding individualized consultations with students, the specific duties of the DWF are meant to be flexible and responsive to departmental needs.

Departmental Teaching Fellows
The Departmental Teaching Fellows program appoints experienced and creative TFs and TAs to focus on enhancing teaching in their disciplines by consulting with their peers within departments, advising individual instructors, and creating training programs, workshops, seminars, and other teaching-related projects

Learning Lab Graduate Fellows
Taking directions from the faculty and graduate student instructors, Learning Lab Graduate Fellows work to help design and develop assignments and learning activities, deliver them to the student usability testers, and process the students’ feedback in order to revise and improve these assignments and activities. 

MLV Fellows
Media, Literacy, and Visualization (MLV) fellows, support faculty, graduate students, and Harvard College undergraduates as they experimented and engaged with a variety of modes of media and literacy.