PFs and post itsWe offer workshops for PhD students and instructors at all stages on a wide range of topics in teaching, learning, and communication, including public speaking, communicating your research, active learning and inclusive teaching, teaching with images and objects, using feedback to improve your teaching, and writing a teaching statement. In addition to the workshops we host at the Bok Center, we welcome requests to design and deliver custom workshops for specific audiences.

You can request tailored workshops for a department, a departmental pedagogy course, a course teaching staff, or your students. We can customize the message and the activities of the workshop to the particular needs of your group.

Please complete the form at right to request a custom workshop. If you have any questions about our workshops, please contact Pamela Pollock.

NB: Our Undergraduate Pedagogy Fellows also offer a custom workshop on The Multiplicity of Harvard Undergraduate Identities; please visit that page to request an undergraduate-led workshop.