Community for International Graduate Students

April 15, 2020
map of world made up of colored dots

The Bok Center strives to be a place where teachers and scholars at all stages of their careers can find community, and it has been important to us to maintain that during these challenging times.

We have helped international graduate students stay connected through Community Check-ins: Connect and Chat, a drop-in conversation hour for international scholars and undergraduates to share ideas for teaching, learning, and living.  Our Culture and Communication Consultants have continued to provide an undergraduate perspective on teaching and academic life at Harvard by helping to facilitate these check-ins, acting as course assistants in Bok seminars, hosting our discussion group for international TFs, and serving as conversation partners for language and teaching practice.

Graduate students and undergraduates have shared that they appreciate the chance to stay connected through this crisis; while we now have to intentionally meet each other via Zoom rather than bump into each other on campus, we are glad that we can still find ways to sustain our community remotely. Community Check-ins run through April; learn more here.