Celebrating a year of creativity and entrepreneurship

June 29, 2021
A white circle with a swoopy orange border on a dark blue background, with text that reads "Spring 2021: LPCE 100"

The Lemann Program on Creativity and Entrepreneurship (LPCE) kicked off with a remarkable inaugural year, guided by the vision of the late Dr. Robert Lue. This new program, which was based at the Bok Center and inspired by Dr. Lue’s passion for making a positive social impact, reached hundreds of students this year.  We are grateful to the many Harvard students who hopped on board our new adventure in learning-and-doing. Our students’ creativity sparked promising venture teams and deepened our growing community. Students applied their ingenuity and academic knowledge to problems related to education, healthcare, environment, and social justice. 

Our inaugural eFestival of Ideas, held on April 29, 2021, featured student projects from three LPCE programs:

  1. Student teams from LPCE100: Creativity and Entrepreneurship Studio Lab designed pitches to solve urgent challenges related to the environment, healthcare, and social justice.
  2. Our Launch Fund prize winners shared their projects, which include a self-driving wheelchair; a tool that measures and manages classroom equity and management; and an app for students nationwide to research and apply for extracurricular activities. The three prize winners were selected in December from a pool of 44 applications.
  3. Students in the Projects Support Program – an incubator for early stage innovators – described their ventures, which ranged in topic from an app to prevent police and civilian violence at routine traffic stops to a resource that empowers youth who are fighting for climate justice.

View a montage from the LPCE’s first Festival of Ideas:


If you are new to the program and interested in exploring the links between creativity, entrepreneurship, and the liberal arts while making a real-world impact, we welcome you to join the LPCE in the fall. You will find many opportunities and events for students, including resources, mentoring, 4-credit courses, and guest lecturers. Learn more about the program and projects at lpce.org.