Celebrating Senior Learning Lab Undergraduate Fellows

May 29, 2020
Sam Benkelman

Learning Lab Undergraduate Fellows (or LLUFs) are a core part of the intergenerational team at the Bok Center’s Learning Lab. LLUFs often have terrific intuitions about the pedagogy that will most engage and appeal to their peers, and they use this expertise as learners to help the Bok Center’s faculty partners design and test new learning experiences for their courses. Given the fact that many of these assignments and activities involve new or at least alternative modes of communication—drawing, speaking, coding, 3D modeling, video-editing—the LLUFs have the opportunity to explore and become proficient in a remarkably broad range of media and tools for communicating academic content.

Learning Lab Undergraduate Fellows and staff sit around table talking and laughing.

While many LLUFs only come to the Learning Lab later in their time at Harvard—often after visiting our space in one of their courses—Sam Benkelman ‘20 has worked with the Learning Lab since his first year at Harvard. Of his work at the Learning Lab he said:

“I feel like I’m a more creative thinker. I’m willing to trust that creativity and that’s thanks in large part to the awesome leadership here, and the welcoming environment--forming working relationships with people here. I think the term thrown around is an “intergenerational community” and that’s a huge opportunity for me to gain insights from peoples’ experience from just every field, and I am seeing that on a daily basis. It’s a huge thing that I’m really appreciative of.”

The Learning Lab team wishes the best for our incredible graduating seniors from the Class of 2020 and looks forward to working with returning LLUFs in the fall.