From Implicit to Explicit: Identity & Power Dynamics in the Classroom


Friday, January 25, 2019, 12:00pm to 1:30pm


Science Center 418d

What assumptions do you have about students in your class? How can identities related to race, gender, class, sexuality, ability, and more affect classroom dynamics?  This session will begin with the Bok Center’s Undergraduate Pedagogy Fellows presenting an introduction to the multiplicity of Harvard undergraduate identities through both narratives and statistics. The Fellows will also offer an introduction to how power and privilege manifest within the classroom in the forms of microaggressions and "hot moments", and explain how students often wish TFs would deal with and work to prevent such moments. The session will conclude with a facilitated discussion of participants' own experiences identifying and dealing with classroom power dynamics. First-time and experienced teachers welcome.

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This workshop is a part of Winter Teaching Week- a series of intensive workshops offered during J-Term in conjunction with January@GSASfor graduate student teachers at every stage, from just starting out to looking toward the job market.

Led by Eleanor Craig, Administrative and Program Director for Ethnicity, Migration, Rights

Noelle Lopez, Learning Lab Postdoctoral Fellow, Derek Bok Center