Classroom Culture and Communication for International TFs


Friday, January 21, 2022, 12:30pm to 2:30pm



Led by:
Sarah Emory, Assistant Director, International Teachers and Scholars

What role does culture play in the classroom? What are the classroom norms at Harvard and how might undergraduate education here differ from your own experiences? In this interactive workshop, we will explore teaching and learning across cultures by reflecting on culture and its impact on classroom interactions like participating in discussions, presenting information, asking questions, building rapport, giving and receiving feedback, or even handling conflict. We will discuss how to foster an inclusive learning environment that recognizes and values cultural differences and brainstorm approaches to lead intercultural classrooms more effectively. This workshop is designed for international PhD students, but is open to anyone interested in exploring the role of culture in the classroom. 

This workshop is being offered as part of Winter Teaching Week and is designed for GSAS PhD students and others at similar career stages engaged in the teaching of Harvard College undergraduates. Pre-registration is required.

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