Breaking the Ice: Building an Inclusive Classroom from Day One


Thursday, January 24, 2019, 12:00pm to 1:30pm


Science Center 418d

How should you introduce yourself on the first day of class? How should you have students introduce themselves? How do you begin to build an inclusive environment? In this lunchtime discussion, we will consider a variety of case studies focused on how to help students introduce themselves in class in a way that promotes comfort and confidence, and respects individual differences, especially around identity, equity, and gender, that can emerge through icebreakers and introductions. During this session, we will analyze the dynamics at play in these activities and brainstorm best practices for addressing some of these dynamics. You will leave this session having prepared approaches to integrate into the first meetings of your own classes. First-time and experienced teachers welcome.   

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This workshop is a part of Winter Teaching Week- a series of intensive workshops offered during J-Term in conjunction with January@GSASfor graduate student teachers at every stage, from just starting out to looking toward the job market.

Led by Rebecca Brown, Assistant Director, Graduate Student Programming, Derek Bok Center