Bok Seminar - Tools and Techniques for Leading Classroom Discussions


Tuesday, September 13, 2022, 10:30am to 12:30pm


125 Mt. Auburn St. 3rd Floor

Led by Rebecca Miller Brown and Emily Epperson

How can you lead an exciting discussion and keep participants engaged from beginning to end? Which strategies can you use to help you and your students achieve your discussion goals?  This seminar offers a hands-on approach to leading discussions and encouraging student participation from all corners of your class. To that end, we will examine the pros and cons of various methods of how to start, structure, and conclude a discussion; strategize how to deal with moments of tension in the classroom; explore tools for conducting discussion asynchronously/outside of class to help you and your students prepare for discussions in the classroom; and take turns leading short simulated discussions followed by collaborative peer feedback. This seminar will be useful for building your confidence at leading discussions as a new TF as well as interrogating your methods and refining your skills as an experienced teacher.

This is the first session of a 6-session seminar. Registration required.

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