Bok Seminar- Preparing to Teach


Tuesday, June 9, 2020, 10:00am to 12:00pm

Led by Pamela Pollock and Rebecca Brown

What can new TFs do to get ready for the first day of class and beyond? In this seminar, you will practically prepare to teach for the first time, learn about resources available to you as you begin your teaching career, and build confidence in the process! Given the likelihood of remote teaching and learning in the fall, we will help new TFs explore best practices for traditional section teaching and consider how those translate to a remote setting, and how to accomplish your goals remotely, considering the use of both Zoom and Canvas.  We will follow the arc of the semester; each session will be devoted to a teaching topic, including the first day of class, inclusive teaching, lesson planning and delivery, and giving and receiving feedback. Participants should have a syllabus to use throughout the seminar (their own or one for a class they might teach, and will also have a sandbox Canvas site to use for practice). This seminar is ideal for TFs teaching for the first time in the Fall term, but is open to anyone at the early stage of their teaching career who would like more practice with and guidance on the fundamentals of pedagogy, and how these may translate to teaching remotely. 

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