Exploratory Seminars

Bok Exploratory Seminars offer faculty a collaborative space to deliberate the most urgent problems and potentially transformational opportunities in Higher Education, with the primary goal of developing interventions that will chart the course of future teaching and learning at Harvard. Inspired by the Exploratory Seminars of the Radcliffe Institute, each seminar is led by a faculty committee made up of stakeholders whose current or future teaching is highly informed by the seminar’s theme. Together with these stakeholders, seminar participants spend 1–2 days making a deep dive into the theme and formulating concrete responses, e.g., new course design or curriculum redesign, aimed at having a measurable impact on teaching and learning at Harvard.

Funding for 1-2 day seminars include the cost of bringing in guest participants with relevant expertise or perspectives. The outcomes of the seminar, ranging from new course design to curricular programming, receive support from the Bok Center for implementation as well as any related research and evaluation plans.

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