Teaching with Technology

In addition to our specific pages on using Clickers and Powerpoint in the classroom, the Bok Center collaborates with various offices on campus to support the pedagogical use of technology.

Academic Technology Group

The Bok Center collaborates with the Academic Technology Group (ATG, part of HUIT), to foster the use of technology for teaching undergraduate courses. ATG offers technological training and consulting, help with Canvas websites for courses, support for online multimedia, and assistance with software development. The Bok Center focuses particularly on pedagogical advice for enriching courses using Web sites, presentation software, "clickers," video, multimedia and other technological tools.

Harvard College Library

The Library has a wonderful portal of Resources for Instructors.

Instructional Media Services

When you know which A/V equipment you will need (see below), remember that the reservation of A/V technicians and equipment is separate from the room booking. Media and Technology Services (MTS, part of IMS) and Sever Support will get you equipment and a technician, but not the room, which should be book through RoomBook. The second thing to remember is that MTS usually needs at least two weeks of lead-time in order to guarantee you equipment and/or a technician to run it. During busy periods, (exam times or the period leading up to Commencement) MTS may need even more.  For an overview of exactly what equipment is permanently deployed in specific rooms (and a photo of the room itself), you can go to Instructional Media Services and take a look. You can get keys to cabinets or machines through MTS.

Key Phone Numbers from MTS:

Media and Technology Services
Sever MTS Support
Classroom Booking
Faculty of Arts and Sciences - Information Technology Help
Prep Room (Science Center only)
Science Center, Rm B-02, 495-9460