Q Consultations

The Q Evaluation, which provides feedback from students about their courses, is administered by the Registrar's Office. At the end of each semester, students receive an email asking them to evaluate their courses. Students access the links to their online evaluations through my.harvard.edu. Information for faculty about customizing questions on the Q is found here.

After the semester ends, the results are tabulated and made available to faculty and teaching fellows. Summaries for most courses are published in the Q Guide. Faculty instructors and teaching fellows can find their evaluations at the Q website.

The Bok Center staff is available to assist teaching fellows and faculty instructors in interpreting Q evaluations; we also provide a tipsheet for self-guidance. To arrange an appointment, please email or call the Bok Center (bokcenter@fas.harvard.edu, 617 495 4869). If you have general or technical questions (for example, troubleshooting the online reports), please contact the Registrar's Office (evals@fas.harvard.edu).