Susan Johnson

Susan Johnson

Assistant Director, Socially Engaged Learning

Susan’s programs provide students and faculty opportunities to work with K-12 audiences. She supports the creation of novel curricula and provides settings in which to try educational ideas and develop teaching and professional communication skills.

Susan is a firm believer that direct feedback from children and teens can be a strong motivator to re-think and improve teaching technique at the university level. As she guides outreach ideas to fruition, Susan enjoys watching the personal and professional transformations that occur as undergraduates and graduate students realize that teaching well is a complex act and worthy of their energy and focus.

A career STEM educator, Susan is an experienced high school biology teacher and an elementary and middle school environmental, outdoor and health educator. Prior to teaching, she worked on science documentary television shows for National Geographic, NOVA and Scientific American Frontiers, earning a science communication award from Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole. Susan is a watercolor artist committed to incorporating art into education.

She holds a Master of Education in Teaching and Curriculum from Harvard Graduate School of Education, MA State Licensure in secondary school biology and received her Bachelor of Science from Cornell University.

Contact Information

125 Mt. Auburn Street, room 322
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: 1-617-496-3457