Noelle Lopez

Noelle Lopez

Learning Lab Fellow for Ethics & Critical Engagement

As Learning Lab Fellow for Ethics & Critical Engagement, Noelle collaborates with students, faculty, staff, and admin to support pedagogical effectiveness and innovation, especially in response to inequities in the classroom and in courses featuring ethical or community-engaged components. She coordinates and co-supervises the Bok Center’s Undergraduate Pedagogy Fellows, a small but mighty group of Harvard College undergrads who develop and deliver workshops on undergraduate identities, oppression, and ethics to both grad student Teaching Fellows and their peers in engaged scholarship classes. Noelle’s approach to pedagogy is informed by her years of competitive athletics and multimedia artistic practice as much as by her years studying the ancient Greek conception of philosophy as the pursuit of wisdom and a flourishing life. She is most excited by facilitating connection between people and projects in order to cultivate more communication, collaboration, and ethical agility in teaching and learning across the university. Noelle received her Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Philosophy from the University of Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship; she received her BA in Philosophy from Santa Clara University.


Contact Information

50 Church Street, Room 376-1
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: 617-495-3324