Jenny Bergeron

Jenny Bergeron

Director of Educational Research and Evaluation

Jenny Bergeron, PhD, is the Director of Educational Research and Evaluation at the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning where she oversees evaluation and research of Harvard’s leading educational initiatives. As a strong proponent of evidence-based policy and reform in higher education, Bergeron has a longstanding commitment of helping to envision and realize projects that can transform the practice of education at top American universities as well as research in higher education. Over the past five years at Harvard, she has implemented a number of studies that have largely focused on how to best engage Harvard undergraduates from the academic, personal and social perspectives. Her efforts have helped the University in transforming its undergraduate general education curriculum, the redesign of new educational spaces, and the development of innovative pedagogical approaches that meet the diversity in learning needs of Harvard undergraduates. Her work has also extended across campus to the T.H Chan School of Public Health, where she is working with academic leadership to study the implementation of Harvard’s first online degree program designed to serve M.D.s and other health care professionals both within the United States and abroad.

Bergeron is a trained psychometrician with a research focus in Educational Psychology and has over 10 years of experience working in Higher Education. Before coming to Harvard, she served as a leader in assessment and evaluation at Stanford University. Working with faculty and administration, she helped Stanford evaluate a number of its academic programs. Bergeron has served as an external evaluator at a number of top American institutions including California Institute of Technology, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and most recently, Boston College. She has also served as an evaluation consultant nationally and internationally on projects for NSF, NIH, the Teagle Foundation and the US Department of Education.

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