Learning Lab Workshops

In the Learning Lab, the Bok Center’s Media, Literacy and Visualization team (or MLV) works to support faculty projects involving many modes of communication, many media for expression, many audiences and registers.  In the Learning Lab Workshop Series, the MLV team (and select guests) will be offering members of Harvard’s teaching and learning community the opportunity to practice these new modes of communication and--just as crucially--to learn how they might engage their students in these media new and old, digital and physical.  

Participants are invited to bring current projects or ideas for future projects (though this certainly isn’t required), and participation in the Learning Lab workshop entitles you to special access to the people, space, equipment, software, art supplies, and resources required to build a pilot or prototype in your chosen mode.  Want to create a video short about your research?  To design a podcasting assignment for your students?  Design and populate a website?  Develop resources to support a creative project you need to support in a class you’re TFing for next year?  We are your partners.