Learning Lab Services

Gen Ed Course Trailers

If you are the instructor of record of an approved Gen Ed course and would like students to get a sense of what it’s like to be in your class, the Bok Center can film you describing the class—or offering a brief example of the teaching you do in it—in our Learning Lab Studio. These videos are informal introductions to your course—less “advertising” than windows onto what the course will be about and why it matters.  If you are interested, contact learninglab@fas.harvard.edu to set up a consultation.

Details and Tips

  • Typically we aim for video segments that are less than 5 minutes, although we can string together multiple segments if there are a number of topics or key questions you’d like to address
  • We will record you speaking to the camera in our studio. It helps to think of the camera as an interested student who’d like to know more about your class.
  • Questions you might answer include
    • What is the course about?
    • Why does it matter?
    • What will students be able to do by the end?
    • What do you hope students will take away from the course?
    • What first inspired you to teach this material?
  • Bring visual aids if you’d like
    • We have an overhead camera that can capture drawings, photographs, and objects.
    • We can record your computer screen as well, so you could show some powerpoint slides or video clips (and we can edit them into the video).


  • Schedule a consultation with the Bok Center by emailing learninglab@fas.harvard.edu
  • Schedule and film your appeal to students
  • The Bok Center will send you your takes so that you can select your favorite
  • The Bok Center will deliver a final trailer