Language Tools

Beyond the many tools that can be integrated into your course's Canvas site, what other applications could help you provide your students feedback on their language learning? What websites, apps, resources, or online games are popular in your language, or will help students with the types of skills you want them to develop? Here are some tools you can explore:

  • Voicethread is a site where you can create interactive videos and presentations 

  • iSpraak allows you to upload a text (and opt to add an audio file). Students have the chance to record themselves saying the text. Useful for pronunciation practice. 

  • Quizlet is an app to build and share flashcards with your students as well as use provided flashcard sets created by others. 

  • Anki is an open-source flashcard app that targets spaced repetition. Use flashcard sets created by others or create your own. 

  • Kahoot allows you to create online games or trivia quizzes or play games and use resources created by other teachers in the platform.

For more information and inspiration, watch these videos and learn more from the Indiana University Center for Language Excellence, and visit ACTFL's resource site. You may also consult the resources from Harvard Language Center.